The Art of Earning Money

It Is Through Our Venture, Namely, Phoenix Solutions India LLP, That We Consistently & Persistently Strive To Psychologically & Financially Empower People From All Strata Of Our Society..


Phoenix Trade & Developers is an upcoming growing company in India. Phoenix Business Empire incorporates Trading, Polyhouse, Advanced Farming, Land Developing as well as Phinomax Solution India LLP.

CMD & Directors of Phoenix have more than 15 years experience in the Indian market. They realize that the market is an important source of investment to earn timely profits. As per their knowledge and experience they began these businesses and have given many services and facilities to customers with full security.

They want to enhance and grow the financial position of every individual investor & give them happy and satisfied life. In Phoenix Company, every person in business i.e. customers, employees, leaders, or other persons, are always considered as a family members.


To help people achieve sustainable business growth through market intelligence, creativity and strategic vision and to build an organization that attracts, develops and retains outstanding people of INDIA as we grow our businesses.To empower people in such a way so as to make them financially self reliant so that a fear psychosis of an unstable financial future disappears from their imagination..


+91 90673 77731


S-03 / 2nd floor Atharva Elegence, 1st Ln, Near Waman Guest House, Shahupuri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416001

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